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The scruffycat


About Us

Pickle the Scruffy Cat is a messy, naughty, curious tortoiseshell cat, with a tail too long for her body and a meow that comes out as a squeak.
She is always getting herself into pickles, but she is also very good at charming her way out of them! She and her friends go on all sorts of fun adventures together – and she is excited to tell us all about them!


OUR Charity

The Scruffy Cat family is a collection of animal characters and a variety of designs, illustrations and photography. Although the primary Scruffy Cat characters are, indeed, cats, they have all sorts of animals as friends!


What Drives Us

Our Mission

An important part of Scruffy Cat is supporting the Cats Protection, and therefore a portion of the profits from every purchase made through

Scruffy Cat will go to support the rescued cats and kittens in their care. Our online shop is not up and running just yet, but we do have some products available to purchase – these can be seen on our Facebook page. Please contact us directly to find out more about purchasing Scruffy Cat merchandise until we have our website fully up and running.